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Rainbow After The Storm
Photo By Steve Perry

  • Title: Rainbow After The Storm
  • State/Province/Region: Minnesota
  • Country: United States
  • Description: I created this image after a strong storm blasted through at Temperance River State Park in MN one late august evening. We were camped next door to the park and were watching radar and waiting out the storm in the camper. The satellite imagery didn’t look so good – nothing but clouds behind the system. We figured we were pretty much stuck in the camper for the evening when I noticed some brighter light coming through the window. When I separated the blinds and peeked out, I was treated to one of the coolest rainbows I’d ever seen – just floating over the lake! Well, we busted out of the camper and raced to the park, practically running down to the beach and to a location I had scouted out a few days before. I quickly scrambled around trying to decide on the perfect spot, then set up the gear and started shooting. A cold wave would occasionally wash up and soak my legs, but I didn’t even notice. I was too busy trying to capture this incredible scene unfolding in front of my eyes! Not only was there a piece of rainbow in the scene, but they sky was a show in and of itself! I love the fantastic colors you get when you mix sunset and storms! In this case, it was an amazing yellow color at first (as seen in the photo), then later it went to red (but by then the rainbow was long gone). This was my favorite of the night, I hope you enjoy it too!
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Keywords:  NatureTextures
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