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Eternal Flame Waterfall In Winter
Photo By Daniel Novak

  • Title: Eternal Flame Waterfall In Winter
  • State/Province/Region: New York
  • Country: United States
  • Nearest Area: Chestnut Ridge Park
  • Nearest Town: Orchard Park
  • Brief Directions: Drive south on 277 from Orchard Park, pass the entrance to the CHestnut Ridge Park, reach the hill peak and let the road take you back down. Right after it curves almost 90 degrees right turn right to Seufert Rd and park on the right on the side of the road. CHances are you will not be the only one there.
  • Notes: This used to be a fairly unknown location about ten years ago but seems to be growing in popularity. Never really crowded but you will definitely meet individuals and families here, especially on nice sunny days. Winter makes up for more challenging hiking up and down the gorge but if temperatures are low enough crossing the creeks and walking up the stream for final approach is easy since ice provides additional support.
  • Description: One of the miracles of Mother Nature, the Eternal Flame Waterfall presents a mixture of elements - water and fire - and in winter you get the sharp contrast between hot and cold.
  • Gear: Nikon D200
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