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Submerged Tree In The Carolina Surf
Photo By Mark Vandyke

  • Title: Submerged Tree In The Carolina Surf
  • State/Province/Region: South Carolina
  • Country: United States
  • Nearest Area: Charleston
  • Best Season: Summer
  • Description: I call this Dave Allen's tree not because he was the first to photograph it, nor because he will be the last, but because his shot of this particular tree on the eve of Hurricane Irene has done what I imagine all landscape photographers hope their shots will--set a benchmark in time for others who seek out and find this tree to compare their work to. In fact, the evening I took this particular picture, I met an individual who was photographing this tree with the explicit purpose of seeing if he could match or beat Dave's shot! I've traveled with Dave to places both near and relatively far and upon exchanging business cards amateurs and professionals alike show immediate recognition of his particular shot of this tree. I was lucky enough to get a shot or two of this location for myself as the tree itself is seemingly being swallowed by an encroaching sea at a geographic location that to my eye appears to be experiencing extremely dynamic and rapid change since Irene.
  • Gear: Nikon D200, Nikkor 12-24mm
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Keywords:  BlueLightSun & SkyNatural Wonders
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    Re: Glancing

    Posted on Friday 19 September, 2014 by Laura Zirino.

    Wonderful shot Lorenzo!

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    Posted on Thursday 18 September, 2014 by David Bodine.


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    Re: Shiprock

    Posted on Wednesday 17 September, 2014 by Laura Zirino.

    Wonderful, just perfect light!

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    Re: Never Forget! 9-11

    Posted on Friday 12 September, 2014 by Seung Won Jung.

    Gazing eye, for what?..good shot

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    Posted on Monday 8 September, 2014 by David Bodine.

    Thank you Mr Hamilton, I guess I was referring to the park in general. I have some special places in Glacier Gorge I am waiting for. Especially after last year with the park shutting down right at...