Behind The Shot: ‘The Tiger’ by Marina Cano – Cabarceno Wildlife Park, Spain

Wild tiger photo captured in Cabarceno Wildlife Park Spain

The Tiger by Marina Cano

This picture was taken in Cabarceno Wildlife Park in Cantabria northern Spain. Cabarceno Wildlife Park is the largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world. With 1,900 acres, there are more than a hundred species living in semi-free conditions. Located in a former iron mine, it has now been converted into a unique and mysterious karst landscape. So the environment where they are located is spectacular.

Tigers are solitary and territorial. The environment where they live is full of trees, hills and bushes, so it's not easy to see them. That morning with the first light, I could see him climbing that hill, stopping there, looking at me and giving that tail movement. The wet grass and the back light did the rest. I was with the 300mm plus 1.4 converter, so I couldn't take more of the landscape, as I would have liked it. Then I did what I used to do in these situations, take portions of the landscape as different images and then marry them into one picture. Also a good advantage to this method is that you'll get a really big file.

When you find an opportunity like this, it is easy to think you are lucky. And it's true, you are lucky. Luck is a gift for the ones who worked in the past. Behind every single picture published, on a magazine, or a book, printed for an art gallery... there is a story to tell. Not only about the specific moment, but about the thousand pictures that the public didn't see, about the hours waiting, the days preparing, months of hard work, lots of sacrifices... A good picture speak volumes.

Every time I publish a picture I make a declaration of intent which summarizes as this: As I have already said in other occasions, it is by getting to know something that we learn to love it. By sharing my work I feel I'm putting closer and connecting people with Nature. This declaration of intent is direct and clear: we must all look after our planet, its nature and its fauna as we would our own children. - Marina Cano

Equipment and settings: Canon EOS-1D Mark IV, EF 300mm f/2.8L IS II USM telephoto lens, Extender EF 1.4X III super telephoto extender - 1/2500th at f/4.0 - ISO 500

To see Cano's portfolio, visit her website at, and you can find out more about workshops that she offers to the Cabarceno Wildlife Park here. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, 1x and 500px.

Wild tiger photo captured in Cabarceno Wildlife Park Spain

The Tiger (uncropped) by Marina Cano

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