Yasha Island Sea Lions 2

Yasha Island Sea Lions 2, Frederick Sound, Alaska

By now, my regular readers and social networking followers are probably aware that I had engine trouble last week while using my boat on Prince William Sound for the first time.  The repair bill is pretty bad, but not as catastrophic as I had initially feared.  It's par for the course in trying to shoot unique images in remote locations.  I have not had a trip go sour in almost 2 years, so I can not complain.  During my short visit, I was absolutely blown away by the beauty and potential images that I saw in the College Fjord area, let alone the rest of PWS.  I hope to go back to Alaska in the next week and maybe even get out on my boat once it is repaired one last time.  Either way, I have a lot to look forward to next summer.

Here is a new Steller sea lion image from my July trip to Southeast Alaska.  I spent 2 days visiting the Yasha Island pinniped colony.  The cacophony of sound plus the overpowering stench of the colony is impossible to share, but at least I created some interesting images that capture the spirit of the place.  I used my inflatable boat to drift in the kelp in order to get a low-angle view which best conveys a sense of being in the water next to these curious creatures.  Steller sea lions have bulging eyes which make them look like aliens, which really comes across in this image.  I think they are even kind of cute.  I used my Canon 7D and 400mm f4 DO IS lens to create this photo.  This setup is excellent for being able to hand-hold a big lens on the water.

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