Misty Dogwoods

A) Dogwood, Pine, and Cedar
A) Dogwood, Pine, and Cedar

On Wednesday morning Claudia and I woke early and headed up to Yosemite Valley. The sky was overcast, although the sun threatened to break through at times. After recording footage for a video I’m working on (more about that later), we decided to  drive up the Wawona Road to look at dogwoods. As we ascended, we drove into the clouds, and into a patch of fog clinging to an area of burned trees.

As I photographed this area, the fog thickened, and I thought a group of dogwoods lower down might have become enveloped in the mist. Sure enough, they had, which made me happy. What could be better than dogwoods in mist? I spent a couple of hours composing photographs.

Although conditions were great, this area has thick undergrowth, and many potential images were ruined by intervening branches. The best views were often from the road, but the lack of shoulders and heavy RV and bus traffic made this hazardous duty. Nevertheless I was able to find several compositions I liked.

New images are difficult to edit. It’s usually easier to recognize the winners after some time has passed. But this blog gives me an extra tool—I can ask for help! So let me know which of these photographs is your favorite.

—Michael Frye

B) Misty Forest With Dogwoods
B) Misty Forest With Dogwoods
C) Dogwood and Firs
C) Dogwood and Firs

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    My favorite is C) Dogwood and Firs because it shows the point-counter point nature of the smaller, more delicate dogwood against the background of the much taller, domineering firs. The mist is the final touch that adds mood to the scene.

    Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures.



    While I enjoyed all of the shoots, I am partial to the one yoou chose for the cover. I like the texture and tone of the mighty trees that withstood the ravages of the fire and still retained their natural beauty, balanced against the new growth of the dogwoods. Great capture. I always find the fog to add a sense of mystery and serenity at the same time.

    Well Done.


    My favorite is choice C. I like the contrast between the seemingly monochrome trees with their line patterns in the background and the colorful “promise” of the spring dogwood blooms. Well done, certainly with all the obstacles you had to overcome!

    I agree with Geno that A is my favorite. The tree texture and bold color of the tree adds an additional dimension that makes the image snap and contrasts with the soft fog in the background.

    If there had just been a few more flowers on the Dogwood tree in “C” that would have really been great. But with what you had to work with I have to agree with the others that the play between the trees in background and the prominent flowers in “A” make it the winner of the three great pictures. Great Job!!

    Also I hear ya on the dodging RVs etc. Been there done that in other places.

    Yosemite is on my Bucket List. One of these days………

    I like the first one the best. I really like the contrast between big redwood tree and little dogwood tree. The fog is an added bonus. Nice shot.

    Thanks for chiming in Joe, Clayton, and Steve – I appreciate that very much. It’s always interesting to see how subjective photography is. In the comments on my own blog, C is the the clear favorite.

    I like C – the bright dogwoods hold your eye with the misty firs in the background. The first image is very good but my eye is led to the massive trees and I feel I have to look “back” to the dogwoods.

    A – The subtle white and green Dogwood against the strong reds and browns of the Pine and Cedar – the slender trunks of the Dogwood vs the broad trunks of the Pine and Cedar makes a bolder image.

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