Sunrise at Wild Goose Island

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark III
3906891/1000000 sec. / ISO 100
Nearest Area
Glacier National Park
Mary's Lake, MT.

July 2014, we made a trip to Glacier National Park. On the first morning after we arrived I got up a 4am and drove out to this iconic location that had been on my "Bucket List" of locations I wanted to photograph. Road construction in the area prevented me from being able to drive to this location. I had to hike about a mile to get to this prime spot with a view of Wild Goose Island. Upon my arrival I was all alone except for a Loon calling just below me. By the time the sun started to rise, I had 5 other photographers all around me. We all worked in muffled silence as we watched and listened to the scene that the Lord painted for us that morning.

This original un-cropped version of this panorama consists of 85 individual 22.5 mega-pixel images stitched together to form this shot, using a Canon 5Diii, 70-200mm lens @ 200mm f/14.0, 1/15th sec., ISO 100. The cropped finished size is: 61" x 142" 300 ppi, 18200 x 42680 pixels, 60 Mega-pixels.

Date Added
December 2, 2016
Date Taken
December 2, 2016
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