Pike Mountain Valley View

Equipment Info
ge Nor th, Magic Mou
370044/100000 sec. / ISO 100
Nearest Area
Sawtooth National Forest
Kimberly, Idaho
Brief Directions

Out of Hansen Idaho head south on Rock Creek Road for about 45 minutes until you pass the old Magic Mountain Ski resort keep going until you go over the summit then about 2 mile find a pull off and start walking into down the hill.


It gets cold very fast there in the winter and the snow can be a problem. Summer's can be very dry and hot even though you are at 5,000 to 6,000 feet. Roads are gravel 4WD drive recommended in the winter.


Sawtooth National Forest - On the southern side of the summit of Pike Mountain the headwaters of Goose Creek form-up in this valley and form the base of a north to south ridge called Deadline Ridge North which runs to Nevada. It reminded me of a scene described in one of Terry C Johnston’s books about the fir trapper Titus Bass. It’s a very quiet and remote place but only an hour fifteen minutes from my house. With my backpack of camera gear and tripod I trudged down the slope in fresh snow with a temperature of 17 degrees and found a spot just as the sun started breaking over the mountain, it made what I thought was a grand scene if you're into this sort of thing.
1/13s | f/11 | 45mm | ISO 100
Direction 160°
42°9'58" N 114°16'14" W

Date Added
December 14, 2016
Date Taken
January 1, 1970