Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS Rebel T6i
-4643856/1000000 sec. / ISO 100
Nearest Area
Mt. Jefferson
Detroit, Oregon
Brief Directions

Oregon highway 22 9 miles east turn left on Whitewater rd. to the trail head.


This past October I wanted to head up to Jefferson Park, a wilderness area located near the base of Mt. Jefferson, Oregon's second highest peak. Winter was coming fast so despite a less than encouraging weather forecast I decided to go. When I arrived at the trail head it was raining. I figured it was just a shower and headed up the 5 mile trail to Jefferson Park. All the hikers I encountered on the way up seemed surprised and somewhat concerned about my plans to spend the night up in the park. I assured them I would be fine. When I arrived it was completely socked in, windy and cold. Bummer. As I sat in my tent vestibule making my diner I figured my chances for any photos would be sort of limited. It did clear a little right around sunset and I managed to get some decent shots. When I woke up in the morning my tent was coated with ice and it was so foggy I could barley see my feet. But I grabbed all my stuff and a cup of hot coffee and headed out anyway. I found a spot on the shore of the lake I was camped near and sat down by a small tree. As I looked in the direction of Mt. Jefferson it actually stated clearing a little. I spent the next 30 minutes shooting and watching the mountain appear and then disappear in and out of the fog and clouds. It was great!

Date Added
December 19, 2016
Date Taken
December 18, 2016