The Face Of The Valley


My passion to create an image comes from my love for nature - our
surroundings - something that a human can’t create, but can destroy very
easily. I usually try to imagine the scene and if I’m very lucky, it becomes a
reality. However, most of the time, I need to hold my dreamed up image in my
head and patiently wait...

Knowing that Yosemite Valley floor is usually not covered with snow for more than a day
or two, due to lower elevations of only 4000 feet, I was monitoring the weather
and waiting for the right time to come. The freezing temperatures reported by several
different forecasts persuaded me to take make the trip to
the valley on this particular day. After discovering road blockage, I had to
change my routes. One of the main roads was closed due to a fallen rock, and
the second one was closed due to a huge snow fall. I had no choice and had
to pick the last remaining rout, the longest drive from my house through the
beautiful, small town of Mariposa. I left at about 1am. What usually takes me
about 3.5 hours, took me about 6 hours this time. I arrived at the park at
around 7:00am and my trip was well worth it. I finally saw the scene that I‘ve
always dreamed of, Yosemite Valley floor covered with snow.

This particular image, was actually done on the day of my arrival but later in
the day at sunset. I was able to get to Cook’s meadow a good hour before
sunset. After several minutes, I was surrounded by 20 other photographers
who were trying to capture the same moment, sunset on Half Dome. My
panoramic vision of the famous rock become a reality. The mirrored pond, the
building up fog on Cook’s meadow, and the gentle touch of the setting sun, lit
up Half Dome for the last time that evening and completed my vision.

Panoramic Image

Date Added
February 11, 2017