Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5DS R
10287712/1000000 sec. / ISO 100
Nearest Area
Fort Lauderdale
Dania Beach

The beach where I frequent usually has calm waters and are perfect for isolating little waves and ripples in the water. As the sun rises the light is so magical and so many textures and colors appear from the reflecting sky, but on this morning there was a passing storm. The clouds covered the sun but enough light came thru to create these beautiful highlights in the ripples and this is that I was after. Usually it is near impossible to isolate just one ripple but because of the heavy cloud cover and lack of light I was able to. I had my Canon 5DS R inside my Aquatech Elite sport housing with my Canon 70-200 f2.8 attached. I had my aperture set to 2.8 and I was at 200mm for maximum depth of field and lens compression. I also used f2.8 to be able to push my shutter up to 1/2500th to capture the ripples quickly and also for them to be sharp.

Date Added
February 24, 2017
Date Taken
November 30, 2016