Mgt. Hood Wildflowers

Nearest Area
Mt. Hood National Forest
Brief Directions

Driving from Portland on Hwy. 26 turnoff at the town of Zigzag in about 25 miles to the left. Follow the road until the pavement ends, turn right onto the first road that winds its way up the mountainside. when you reach the "T", turn left and you will see the parking area along the roadway that leads to McNeil Point Shelter. hike 4 miles up, and as you stand beneath McNeil shelter another 500 feet nearly straight up, turn to the left and walk through the multitude of wildflower meadows until you see Mt Hood off into the distance at the Cathedral Ridge area. Turn right through the most beautiful wildflower meadow you will encounter, the trail is visible unless you were the first to arrive in the season, hike up the remaining 500 foot rock on the left edge of the trail before you would turn right to cross over the landscape to reach the McNeil Shelter, and behold, there it is!


This trail can be joined with the Bald Mountain Trail, I recommend doing this as the view into the valley beneath Mt Hood is beautiful, and you are able to look across at Yoakum Ridge. Watch for signs where others have scurried up the hillside to meet again with the main trail leading to McNeil.


This view of Mt. Hood was taken along the Cathedral Ridge area just as the sun crested the hillside and threw the last light upon the wildflowers.

Date Added
March 4, 2017