Streaking Sun

Nearest Area
Olympic National Park
Forks, WA

A beautiful night at Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park. After 3 days of rain, a huge low pressure front seemed to be headed out and I was hopeful for a blazing sunset However, at like 3pm the front moved out and it was completely clear...just missed it. Headed to the beach anyway to check it out and at about 6pm the marine layer started to flush in. The marine layer is the thick layer of clouds you usually see on an overcast day on the coast. In this case, it was just starting to come in from the ocean and it made for really interesting conditions. After anticipating clear skies, I was excited to see some conditions developed. An hour after sunset and the sky was completely clouded over.

I've also been messing with different settings for in-camera sun stars. I like the sun star in this image better than the 'classic' Nikon 14-24 sun star. I got the effect by shooting almost wide open at f/5. The open aperture really helps soften the sun star and create unique rays (compared to a f/16 star).his photo is composed of two shots from a Nikon D800e:

For the ocean streaks: 16mm, ISO 80, f/16, 1s
For sun star/background: 16mm, ISO 80, f5, 1/20s

Date Added
August 11, 2017