Sun’s Corona

Nearest Area
Madras, OR

A photograph of the totality during a solar eclipse may not do justice to what you get to experience in real! A sudden change in light and drop in temperature by few degrees is just unbelievable. It gave me chills in my arm and I won't forget the sight of looking at it.
I'm just plain lucky to get back with few photographs of this phenomenon and already looking forward to the next one in Chile in 2019 and the other in East Coast in 2024.
As for the trip, that's another interesting story. Few of my photography friends wanted to join but couldn't do it last minute due to work. Luckily I happened to check with another friend, Ajinkya in office on Friday afternoon (and the total eclipse was on Monday, some 650ish miles and 10hrs drive away). We knew it's gonna be a crazy weekend with no possibility of getting a place to stay and no idea from where to park and shoot. So we thought, let's prepare for the worst and be happy about any good surprises that come our way. To our wonder, the trip turned out to be the most amazing one. We got to camp directly under the center (arc) of totality, grab amazing food and explore pretty good places. Thanks to some amazing planning by organizers of Solartown, Madras! Just the last stretch of the trip turned out to be a bit of a drive, 21hrs on road :).

Date Added
August 28, 2017