The Quiet Side of Oxbow Bend

Equipment Info
Canon Canon PowerShot SX60 HS
319/32 sec. / ISO 200
Nearest Area
Grand Teton National Park
Brief Directions

Once in Grand Teton National Park, go to Oxbow Bend's far west side and follow the access road to Cattleman's Bridge Site.


I visited Grand Teton National Park on a peak foliage weekend in late September, 2015. As expected, the main Oxbow Bend vista was very crowded. After photographing from that spot, I drove a short distance to the westernmost corner of Oxbow Bend via an open access road to the Cattleman’s Bridge Site. There, I encountered literally no other visitors. I entered an aspen grove and followed a lightly-worn trail to an appendage of the river. When I emerged from the other side of the grove, I was greeted by a scene that almost surpassed the magnificence of the main Oxbow Bend vista. In this spot, a grove of aspens offered a variety of hues—greens and reds in addition to yellows—and “The Grand” was visible above the nearby alpine hills. I was enraptured by the beauty of the scene, and am as pleased by the photos I got at this spot as those I took at the main Oxbow Bend vista.

Date Added
September 17, 2017
Date Taken
September 17, 2017