Rainbow Over Lake Tahoe 2

Nearest Area
Lake Tahoe - East Shore
Glenbrook or Incline Village
Brief Directions

Your best bet is to search "Skunk Harbor, Lake Tahoe" on Google Maps. You will see a little dotted line (trail) heading from Sunk Harbor up to Hwy 28. You can park on the side of the road near the top of the trail. It's a decent walk down to the lake but it's a great beach and boulder filled area with lots of photo opportunities.


Be sure to bring water and a snack for this hike. If you want to shoot a rainbow here, be sure to bring rain gear and a good lens cloth. Also, bring a headlamp or flashlight for the walk out if you are shooting a sunset. Not advisable to shoot here in the winter as you may not be able to park on the side of the road due to snow.


Rainbow at sunset, shot at Skunk Harbor, Lake Tahoe on 8/19/17. My photographer friend Tony Spiker and I got absolutely soaked in heavy rain on the walk down to this spot, but we had a hunch it might clear a bit and provide a nice sunset. I was set up looking the opposite direction from of this image and the sunset over Lake Tahoe was nice but when I turned and looked over my shoulder, I saw this incredible scene. It was a challenging scene to shoot because even though the rain had lightened up a bit, I was still having to wipe water drops off the front lens filter between each shot.

Canon 5Dsr, 16-35 lens set at 16mm. ISO 50, f11, 25 seconds. Lee graduated neutral density filters and polarizer.

Date Added
October 12, 2017