On The Defensive

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ISO 3200

It has been a pretty amazing spring so far here in Southeast Idaho. I was lucky enough that a family of Great Horned Owls made their home right in my parents front yard. We have been watching them for about a month, month and a half and have watched the little ones grow. The little ones are at the point now where the have been getting braver and trying to fly and or hop from branch to branch tree to tree. They are not quite to the point were they can fly well at all and on this evening this little one must have tried to do something out of his skill level and ended up on the ground. With all the cats and dogs in the neighborhood, making it through the night probably would not have happened. So we did what we thought was right and got this little one back up in its tree. When these owls feel scared their only defense is to puff up and click their beaks and hiss. I think this little one must have known we were there to help it cause it calmed down pretty fast and let me pick him up and get it back up in the tree where the nest is. It has been 5 days now and it is still doing good. It has stayed high in the trees and has not fallen to the ground again. I think in the end it learned its lesson and has been pretty watchful of its surroundings. The cool thing about this whole experience was my son who is 8 years old was the one who found it on the ground and had the experience of seeing and hearing this little one up close. It was a fun night and a great session with nature.

Date Added
July 1, 2018
Date Taken
May 19, 2018