Oxbow Bend

Nearest Area
Grand Teton National Park
Moran, WY
Brief Directions

Hiway 191 out of Rock Springs WY


Canon 5DS R EF24-105mm F4L IS USM 84mm - 1/[email protected] - ISO 400


Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton National Park is an iconic location for photographs. There are two main spots to get the iconic shot. Most people stay above at the parking lot level and will frame the shot with bushes at the bottom of the frame. I think the more interesting images require getting to the edge of the river bank to take advantage of larger reflection. The other tendency is to frame the image so there is an equal amount above the horizon and of the reflection below. I find a more interesting composition is to offset the placement of the mountain toward the top or the bottom to emphasize either the sky or the reflection depending on which is more dramatic. Typically, I use the horizontal and vertical lines of the Golden Ratio as a delineator. Oxbow is a place that works best for me in the early morning with dramatic clouds, still water and plenty of sunshine as there are otherwise a lot of shadows. I like the ample snow pack on the mountains in the Spring as well. A bonus is that one the drama of the scene is diminished, a short trip to Jackson Lake will usually afford some nice reflections as the lake will get still for a short period of time. In the spring, the grizzly bears can be found along Pilgrim Creek making for a great day of photography.

Date Added
December 11, 2018