Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Nearest Area
Brief Directions

Head Northeast into the the mountains past the lakes toward the Parkplatz zu den Drei Zinnen lot. From there follow the trail toward the Dreizinnenhütte refuge. Once there head into the flat area overlooking the mountains directly in front of you. Then just wait for a clearing in the clouds, it'll be worth it.


One of the most tiring days during my first trip to Europe, it was about halfway into the 2 weeks and I was burnt out but excited to see this absolutely amazing landscape. But as I pulled into the lot there was nothing but clouds. I was devastated to say the least but thankfully I have a stubborn streak so on went the backpack and on into the clouds I strolled. Nothing seemed to change the whole day and by the time the refuge came into sight all I wanted was some water (old habit of leaving it in the car) and a bit of food. Sadly the wallet was also in the car. So as I sat there, all sorts of fed up staring at the clouds wondering what I was doing, the sun started to break through. Forgetting my hunger and all the other generally vital things to life I ran off to the field to get as close as I could. The rest was about 20 minutes of luck, juggling dying batteries and losing my backpack more than once.

Date Added
December 11, 2018