Tre Cime de Lavaredo

Nearest Area
Brief Directions

Head toward the parking lot for the Tre Cime de Lavaredo up into the mountains, once there head out on the trail well traveled by everyone around you. Pass the first refuge station and keep going to the next one not far off into the mountain range. As you reach the 2nd one turn around from the balcony, or the bathrooms whichever you may find yourself at first, and head toward the open cliff. Then just wait for the clouds to clear.


Taken on my first trip to Europe to celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich, well that was mainly a side-trip on top of a bigger road trip to see as much as I could in 2 weeks. Was about halfway through and had spent the night driving through Austria and Switzerland to get to Lake Braise for sunrise. After speeding through the side roads in the dark on about 3 hours of sleep and making it there just in the nick of time to get a good second wind about thigh deep in freezing water I headed off the mountains. The sunrise should have been a sign for the days weather and when I finally arrived to one of my top 3 spots on the trip it was nothing but clouds. Though beutiful it definitely brought out the exhaustion that had been building up over the last few days of hiking 10+ miles a day and sleeping in the car to the next spot. Thankfully I'm atrociously stubborn and grabbed the bag to head out. The clouds didn't go away and as I reached the Dreizinnen Hut absolutely famished and thirsty (old habit of leaving the water bottle in the car) it dawned that they probably didnt have a debit reader for the food stuffs. Was extremely correct and even more disheartened by the day and as I sat there at a table on the balcony with 2 other hikers I met along the way the sun came out just enough to make me excited. So I bid my farewells and started running toward the cliff to start looking for a good spot. The next 30 minutes were a mixture of running in circles, setting up a tripod, losing my backpack and taking a second to enjoy the amazing scene in front of me. The hunger was a little less but my need for water definitely was getting worse so I headed back toward the lot to, hopefully, find one of the half-full bottles on the floor of the car. Was a great reminder of how exhausting everything can be but also how exciting it is when just 30 minutes out of a very long 48-hours is worth it all.

Date Added
December 11, 2018