Nearest Area
Tampa Bay, FL
Clearwater, FL
Brief Directions

Strait west from Tampa to the coast


This image was taken at Honeymoon Island State Park off the west coast of Clearwater, FL. It was an area I had never visited before and was excited, although I really had trouble coming up with a decent composition on this evening. None of elements I could find around the beach really seemed interesting and they didn't seem to flow with the cloud formations and the way the sun was setting. Finally after scouting and working different scenes for about an hour and a half I stumbled upon this little curved leaning tree. Prepared to shoot it alone against the sunset backdrop, I quickly realized there was a curved line created by the seaweed on the shore and if I picked the right viewpoint I could let that line move along with the curve of the tree and right on through to the cloud line. All creating a nice little frame around the setting sun. :) Without the excitement and inspiration of exploring a completely new location, I don't know I would have had the energy to stay persistent and keep looking for a fun and interesting composition. Nikon D600, Nikon 24-85mm, f8, 24mm, iso 100, 1/250

Date Added
December 27, 2018