Doomed by the Light


This incredible close up view spot of Half Dome is one of the kind. The image was taken about 15 min away from North Dome where the hike ends. I stood precisely on the edge of the cliff to get the best view. I believe it was along the Indian Ridge line.

I picked this view angle for several reasons. North Dome, on the right, is perfectly lining up with the one on the left. It sort of looks like an amplitude wave in my opinion. Cloud’s Rest, the highest peak in this area, is visible and not obscure like from Glacier Point. The full moon was rising behind Half Dome in far distance. The sun setting light angle, was warming up the granite walls up to Clouds Rest and beyond for the last time that evening.

The last 30 minutes were simply incredible when the light was entering the majestic east of the canyon, and slowly disappearing in darkness reaching up to Tanya Lake area. The magenta/silver sort of color that was presented on the wall just below Clouds Rest left me speechless. I have never seen this palette of color while being here in the Park frequently.
The most frightening moment of this experience was returning back through the woods, alone, in darkness. It took me over an hour and a half, at a jogging pace with all of my gear.

The panoramic vision, is one of my favorite photographic techniques. The full spectrum of the landscape vision, from left to right, made my soul delighted. On the technical side, this image was made out of eight separate frames taken 1-2 sec in between of each other in a single row. This image was taken with Nikon D810 @56mm f14, 64 ISO, 1/5 sec. The picture is approx 270 megapixels assuming if printing it with 300dpi/ppi. It’s a high detailed image that can be printed with 3:1 ratio for example the long/short edge 100 x 31 inches - or 2.5m x 80cm or so, with details visible from one foot distance away from the image or less.

Date Added
January 7, 2019