The Blessing of a New Day

Equipment Info
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
16mm / f/11 / 1/125 sec. / ISO 200
North Carolina

I anxiously waited for a cloudy weather forecast that would be favorable for sunrise photography during a recent visit to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, USA. To my chagrin clear skies were forecast until the very last day of my ten-day visit. I prepared all my gear the night before for an early start. Nervously, I drove the dark winding roads to the Blue Ridge Parkway hoping I would not miss the turn off to the overlook locationI had scouted out days before. Happily, I arrived as planned and set up my camera and tripod with great anticipation. I discerned soft wisps of clouds in the pre dawn light. When the sun rose above the horizon the ensuing sunrise exceeded my expectations. The low cloud bank refracted color. Rays of sunshine popped out of the clouds allowing me to capture a sunburst. The soft wispy clouds I had seen now swept across the sky in lovely white brushstrokes. I felt blessed by the experience and ready for a New Day.

Date Added
January 8, 2019
Date Taken
October 31, 2018