A muddy hike to Queen’s Bath

Equipment Info
16mm / f/11 / 8 sec. / ISO 100
Princeville, HI

I visited Kauai last summer (2018) and read up on an area to try to shoot, although I needed to be careful since it had been raining quite a bit. Queen's Bath in Kauai is a beautiful location at the end of a hike through some rain forested trails, which can be a little dangerous after a rain. As luck would have it, it rained the whole drive there and when I finally got there it stopped but it made for a very slippery hike in the mud. Once I got to my location, I couldn't have been happier with the conditions I was rewarded with. I got there right as the sun was coming up and I was the only one there. It was truly a magnificent experience, I wouldn't recommend hiking in the mud like I did but in my case it paid off. Tread carefully!

Waiting for sunset as a landscape photographer can be a real gamble at times. The watchman is a well known location in Zion National Park but it is a popular place to shoot for a reason. When I arrived a few hours before sunset, the weather was overcast with no contrast and pretty flat. However, there were several of us waiting it out hoping for something would turn around. As we approached sunset the clouds started to shift and the light beams broke through and we we got the color we were looking for. Others left beforehand thinking that the weather wasn't going to change but if it is one thing I have learned as a photographer, it is this: wait until the last ray of light is gone, you might be surprised. It was a gorgeous evening in the end and a wonderful place to experience with so many other enthusiastic photographers.

Sony A7RIII, Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM at 16mm, Manfrotto befree advanced carbon fiber tripod, Breakthrough Photography X4 6 Stop ND filter. Exposure: 8 sec., ƒ/11, ISO 100.

Date Added
March 1, 2019
Date Taken
July 5, 2018