Kodiak Curiosity

Equipment Info
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
420mm / f/5.6 / 1/1600 sec. / ISO 1000
Nearest Area
Uyak Bay
Amook Pass - Kodiak Island
Brief Directions

Take small plane from Kodiak plane port to other side of Island and Uyak Bay.


While visiting a Bear Camp on Uyak Bay , Kodiak, we would take a series of boats down towards the end of the Bay , each morning. The last small boat took us far enough to where we had to jump out wearing waders and walk to the rocky beach. Hiking down the beach , on the final day, we saw these two bears out in the muddy bay digging up food. The tide being out let them walk into this area. The diameter of their feet kept them from sinking too deep in the mud, whereas a person wouldn't have a chance and would be stranded , and probably perish , as there are no other humans in the area . The two bears walked to the beach we were on and proceeded to stroll up towards us. I was already set with my long lens and tripod and though I felt no fear, our hunting guide did have a rifle and was experienced in this area. As the bears approached within 40 feet, and I was shooting images non stop with a fast heartbeat, our guide stood up and said a few words out loud to the bears. At this , they stopped, turned and quickly ran up the bank into the brush. Probably the most exciting moment I've ever had on an outing.


Mother and two year old Kodiak bears walking towards us with no fear.

Date Added
March 7, 2019
Date Taken
July 28, 2014