Elk Reflection

Nearest Area
Banff National Park
Brief Directions

Taken on Vermillion Lakes Rd. About 500 m, 1/4 mile, from Banff is the start of the Vermillion Lakes Road. This 3 km, 2 mile long road is an excellent area for outdoor photography


I was driving by Vermillion Lakes on the main Trans Canada highway in Banff National Park when I saw this elk grazing beside a small creek right beside the Vermillion Lakes Road. I know the area very well since I live in Banff and I knew that there was a road right beside where the elk was grazing. I exited the highway and drove directly to the spot and was lucky enough that the elk was still there.

I tilted my flash up about 45 degrees and zoomed the head it so it hit the elk only and not the reflection as I composed and focused only on the elk's reflection. I had set the flash EV compensation to +1 in an effort to light the body of the elk up enough to reveal a bit of detail in the reflection. I'm happy with the result.

PS the elk lifted his head just long enough for me to get two quick shots before he lowered his head to eat again. Those are the only two shots that I got and I'm happy that I was ready and able to capture it.

Date Added
September 21, 2019