Palouse Falls Dawn

Equipment Info
15mm / f/20 / 5 sec. / ISO 100
Nearest Area
palouse falls state park

I went to Palouse Falls State Park in eastern Washington hoping, among other things, to capture a good sunrise image. I scouted two locations during the afternoon that looked like good possibilities to photograph the sunrise, then camped in the park overnight. Before sunrise, I went to both spots, but realized that they were not good locations. I had to quickly think of a plan B because the light was changing rapidly. So I ran southwest along the cliff top above the Palouse River canyon, looking for a better vantage point to capture the vibrant clouds, falls, and canyon in the pre-dawn golden light. I found this viewpoint farther southwest than most photographers take photos of the falls. But by then the sky was much brighter than the deep canyon. So to compensate for the high contrast, I manually bracketed exposures for the highlights in the sky, then manually bracketed longer exposures for the waterfall highlight in the canyon. In processing the images, I blended a canyon exposure with a sky exposure and dodged shadow in the canyon to create this image.

Date Added
December 19, 2019
Date Taken
June 25, 2018