Nearest Area
Le Morne
La Gaulette

This image was taken with a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone and it shows Le Morne, the Southwest corner of the island, Mauritius. I knew that Le Morne had an underground waterfall, but I wasn't sure how to capture it and if sunrise light, sunset light, or directly overhead light would be best. I knew I wanted the warmth of sunrise/sunset light, but also knew that the diagonal light would create a highlight on the water and that would cover up the waterfall. I shot here four mornings in a row to make sure I could try multiple shots with all degrees of sunrise. This final image was about 10 minutes after sunrise, and just after the sun came up over the mountains. The light lit the water perfectly. It happened to be very calm that day, which allowed me to stare directly down and see the waterfall and surrounding canyon walls. How cool! I never imaged I'd get an image that would allow me to see the underground waterfall with layers of mountains in the background. I was pretty pumped when I got home and viewed this on my monitor. If there's a shot you want, stay until you get it. Patience is a key ingredient in this game and I'm glad I didn't hit snooze on any of those alarms.

Date Added
December 19, 2019