Dry Creek Falls

Equipment Info
Canon EOS 77D
16mm / f/22 / 4 sec. / ISO 100
Nearest Area
Columbia river gorge
Cascade Locks

Canon 77D / Canon EFS 10-22mm / Slik PRO 340DX


There are many famous waterfalls in the Columbia river gorge. Dry creek falls is not really one of them. I live less than an hour from the gorge, but since there are so many other iconic waterfalls nearby I had never visited Dry Creek. The "trail" starts on a street in the town of Cascade Locks. It's actually the PCT, as the classic crest trail marker is painted on the concrete pillar holding up the Interstate highway that you pass under! WTF. Not a great first impression of a new place. But after a short walk on a gravel road past some houses you arrive at a sign marking the PCT. As soon as you start down the trail however the noise of the interstate and all signs of civilization quickly disappear. Until you get to the power lines... But finally a short time after that you will find yourself at the falls. Where right near the base, lies a giant piece of concrete with bars sticking out of it! WTF X 2! But if you can put a few small obstructions behind you it truly is a beautiful and generally private little place.

Date Added
December 24, 2019
Date Taken
April 29, 2019