Jefferson Park

Equipment Info
Canon EOS Rebel T6i
10mm / f/22 / 5 sec. / ISO 100
Nearest Area
Mt. Hood national forest
Detroit, Oregon

Canon T6i / Canon EFS 10-22mm / Slik Pro 340DX


This is Mt. Jefferson in an area of Oregon known as Jefferson Park. It's a gorgeous area full of small lakes and ponds with stunning alpine views. It can be quite crowded in Summer, so I scheduled my trip for the second week of October. When I arrived at the trailhead it was 48 degrees and raining. No problem I told myself, probably just a shower. The few people I encountered on the hike in were all hiking out and seemed to be genuinely concerned about me spending the night alone in the Park. When I arrived it had stopped raining but was so foggy you could only see about 100 feet in any direction. I waited but conditions did not improve. I had pretty much given up on photography and was making my dinner when I noticed a faint orange glow to the west. I looked to the left and saw a beautiful, craggy alpine ridge emerging from the fog! I grabbed my camera gear in one hand and my dinner in the other and ran a short distance to this small pond where I was rewarded with this view of Mt. Jefferson and it's reflection. Sometimes its better to be lucky than good!

Date Added
December 24, 2019
Date Taken
October 10, 2016