Winter Rush

New Hampshire
Nearest Area
Seacoast NH

I came upon this vantage point on the Exeter River while shooting images for commissioned work. I have never seen it photographed before or since and would never have investigated this river when the iconic rivers of NH like the Swift, Saco, and Androscoggin are so close by. Initially I shot from the opposite bank, but found this angle more pleasing. A recent thaw and rain event quickly turned to snow, so water levels were nearly 3 feet higher than dust days earlier. Foreground rocks that I had hoped would be covered with snow were submerged, and tree along the banks had been washed away. I decided to try and used the waves created by the high flow as the foreground element. I carefully waded out into the river, shooting into the low angle sun which had cast some beautiful light through clouds up the river. In addition to a base exposure that was slower for the water, a faster exposure was taken to hold the sky highlights and manually blended in PS. A polarizer wa used to cut glare on the river.

Date Added
December 28, 2019