Equipment Info
1/20 sec. / ISO 6400


I had been driving, hiking and exploring in the Southwest in the Fall of 2018 for various projects for several weeks. I arrived a Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona almost too late. The crowds started leaving as rain was starting to fall. But I just knew this was going to be one of the best views of the year for this location... In addition, as I was running to the canyon edge before the sun and weather show ended, a huge rainbow formed directly behind me. I only knew this because people walking back were pointing and yelling. Everywhere you would look, clouds, light and color acted as a real-time nature kaleidoscope. This was that perfect setup of light and weather you always hope for as a landscape photographer. I setup on the edge and began shot after shot. The lighting and cloud motion/color was evolving so fast it was hard to keep up with multi-exposure attempts. The sun would peek out, then swirling clouds would cover it up a minute later - completely changing the scene's color and composition. For days prior to this, I was plagued with clear blue cloudless skies - a torturous situation for this kind of photography. In fact, my previous attempts at this location were a total dud because of brassy and uninteresting skies at sunset, but by the time I fled the approaching rain storm, the sun had set and I knew with out checking the exposures in camera that I was in the right place & right time.

Date Added
January 6, 2020
Date Taken
September 19, 2018