First Snow in the Gorge

New Hampshire
Nearest Area
White Mountain National Forest
Conway, NH

My previous images of these falls in the winter were pretty typical distant shots, with the falls choked with ice. This time around I wanted a more intimate feel, close to the rushing water before too much ice formed. Spray and cold conditions were a challenge, but a beautiful sunset capped the light mountain snowfall.I had been working to capture this cascade in NH's White Mountains during the various seasons, but winter had proven the most difficult. A sudden snow can obliterate the surrounding boulders or a stretch of cold weather will reduce flow to a trickle or freeze them up before snow falls. This year I finally managed to get to the falls after the 1st snow of the year. The beauty of the 1st snow is that often the underlying colors of the rocks and trees can bleed through for a splash of color amongst the snow. The light snow added definition and created more depth in the image.

Date Added
January 13, 2020