In the Clouds

Nearest Area
Brief Directions

From Ullapool, Scotland, head South on the A835. Turn right onto the A832. Pass the Corrieshalloch Gorge - well stop for a few minutes because it's beautiful!) and keep driving. Within 10-15 minutes, you'll be between beautiful mountains. The old bothy and river will appear on your right.


Photographed with a Canon 5d Mark III and Canon 100-400 f4.5-5.6


This past January and February, my partner and I drove around the Scottish Highlands along the North Coast 500. We wanted to go wild camping in the winter and truly test ourselves. We made our way around the East and North Coast, camping along the way. However, after three of the four poles in our tent broke during a bad night of wind, we decided four walls would be a nice treat and we sought refuge in a Scottish bothy. We began our drive down the West Coast, towards the town of Ullapool. We stopped every few minutes, making zero progress, but eventually, we made it to Ullapool, a beautiful port town with friendly pubs and scenic loch views. We knew there was a gorge just south of town that we wanted to see, but we were not prepared for the surprise you get if you keep driving; mountains, gorgeous, mountains. We drove down the road and not fifteen minutes later we were in another world. We made our way through the mountains faster than we'd like because we were keen to reach the bothy while there was still light. We knew we were going to drive back to photograph this location the next day so we tried not to beat ourselves up about it; the weather was great, so leaving was risky. Alas, mother nature came through for us. That evening a massive storm pounded the bothy windows and made us thankful we were not in our broken tent. We woke to sunshine and fresh white powder covering the mountains all around us. After making our way back to the A832 road, we were greeted with snow-covered mountains for miles, beautiful, soft light, and herds of deer. I have always loved low hanging clouds so I used my 100-400mm lens to capture these peaks as the clouds touched the mountains. The contrast between the fresh white snow and the dark ground peeking through made these peaks dramatic and dynamic. It was a great day for photography.

Date Added
February 25, 2020