The River Kiskorn

Nearest Area

I took this image earlier this year in the Scottish Highlands. I was on a two-week road trip around the North Coast 500 with my partner. He did most of the driving and I was practicing aerial flight patterns along winding roads on the west coast. River Kishorn, pictured here, moves from the mountains into Loch Kishorn. On this day, I had worked on two locations and my next destination was a road near Applecross. As we got closer, we saw that the gate had been closed for winter weather and we were not able to get to the planned path. I was disappointed because this path looked tricky and I wanted to work on some harder movements. As we drove back down towards the main road I saw a small fishing industry factory on the water. I noticed a river coming from the mountains, to my left, emptying into the Loch in front of me and the river flowed through what looked like a field of green, forcing its way through, and leaving patterns in its wake. I thought it probably looked pretty intricate from above so I decided to fly here instead. I got my drone up and took some video and images. Sometimes one door closes and another one opens. The images from River Kishorn ended up being some of the best photographs from the trip!

Date Added
April 18, 2020