Equipment Info
24mm / f/22 / 1/8 sec. / ISO 1600


The Grand Canyon is just one of the most photogenic places on the planet! It is never a waste to spend time watching and photographing the passing light as it plays like music off of this profound landscape. On the southern points of the Grand Canyon, you find a much larger spread of erosion to view - whereas the north side like Toroweap is narrow and deep. Here in the south rim, colors are bounced around and spread from reds and oranges to blues and violets. Its like a geological prism!

I decided on this spot the day before and got my equipment ready. I arrived early on the shuttle on a cold October morning. I am very grateful for hand warmers and beanie hats! I patiently waited as the Sun began to dip and warmly lit the various ledges and cliffs. All the blues and violets were now at their best in the shaded areas. I was ready. I began remote tripping the shutter and capturing the small changes in the light as it became darker and darker - and colder and colder! The wind on Yaki Point was kicking up all evening making it difficult from time to time to keep the camera perfectly still. Still, it was a beautiful evening to spend at one of my favorite south Grand Canyon spots. This was one of those times that you knew that the exposures were turning out very nice and that a great image was almost certain!

Date Added
May 19, 2020
Date Taken
October 26, 2012