Twin Lakes Fiery Sunrise

Equipment Info
24mm / f/16 / 1/1.3 sec. / ISO 64
Nearest Area
Independence Pass
Leadville, CO
Brief Directions

CO-CR 82


Twin Lakes is one of the most spectacular places in all of Colorado to photograph a sunrise. Think Maroon Bells - but without the hordes of lensmen crowding the shoreline. When the first sunlight floods the big bowl and the peaks of the 14,000+ft mountains towering around the crystal clear lake are dipped in a crimson alpenglow, this location in Central Colorado is just stunning. Except on the particular morning I took this photo. Against all forecasts, it had rained all night and when I set up my tripod at the edge of the water just before sunrise time there was no sign whatsoever of the sun. Instead it started to drizzle. I hung in there for a while, cold and wet. I was just about to give up and pack up, when suddenly a few rays of the rising sun found an opening in the thick, dark clouds and illuminated the west end of the lake with a deep orange tint. The foothills instantly looked like they were on fire. At the same time the breeze died down, it became absolutely quiet and the surface of the lake changed into a giant mirror, reflecting the breathtaking view. But as sudden as it had begun, it was also over again. The hole in the wall of clouds closed up, the wind cleared the display on the lake and drizzle changed to hard rain. I hurried with my gear back to the car. With a big smile on my face - because those few moments of sunrise were simply magical.

Date Added
May 24, 2020
Date Taken
September 22, 2016