Surfers Secret

Equipment Info
24mm / f/22 / 1/25 sec. / ISO 1600


My goal was to visit this pier before turning North and heading up to Oregon to photograph hunt. I had seen this iconic pier in other photographs and travel promos for several years. I thought “Scripps Pier” always made a great photography subject. But I knew that although the pier does not change, the weather and surf conditions might make this out of the way trip a possible photo failure. By the time I finally found it along California’s La Jolla coastline, it was looking not to good for great sunset clouds and light. The air was hazy and thick making for a brassy, unremarkable sky. For the last several nights, however, there was an exciting level of sunset activity - at least on the road to California.

I ended up having plenty of time to explore and compose while admirably watching the surfers dance around this pier. Everyone seemed to be enjoying and playing in the sun. It just felt so... well, California!

Then at the last of the Sun’s journey, a fantastic display of color flashed across the sky soaking the entire area with a warm glow. This was the sunset I had hoped for, and this is the sunset that gave me “Surfer’s Secret”!

Date Added
May 31, 2020
Date Taken
October 6, 2012