Dolphin Dreams

Equipment Info
Nearest Area
Silver Bank, Dominican Republic
Puerto Plata
Brief Directions

Live Aboard Dive boat


f 6/3, 1/320th sec, ISO 400, 14mm


I traveled to photograph the humpback whales in the calving and breeding grounds off the coast of the Dominican Republic. I wanted to photograph the interaction of the mothers and calves. Much to my surprise, a small pod of dolphins almost took center stage. I had two incredible in-water encounters with them. The first encounter, I was just swinging my camera around getting whatever picture I could. After that encounter, I decided if I had another chance to get into the water with them, my main goal would be to capture a photograph depicting what it feels like to swim with a pod of dolphins. Very few times do you get that second chance. Incredibly, I did. This time, I free-dived down, did somersaults in the water, and twirled around, to get the dolphins to play with me, rather than vice-versa. It worked! The pod came in as a group to inspect what I was doing, and stayed with me quite some time until I was too tired to entertain them anymore. However, I did manage to get a few pictures of the pod interacting with me. I made sure the exposure was open enough to give a hint of the bottom to give the picture depth and enough flash to make the dolphins stand out. This is one time when all the elements came together and had one of the most fun animal encounters ever.

Date Added
June 6, 2020