Snow Plants 3

Equipment Info
55mm / f/16 / 1/30 sec. / ISO 450

I’ve always been fascinated and drawn to snow plants. They’re saprophytic, meaning they have no chlorophyll and can’t make their own food, so they live off of decaying matter in the soil, like a fungus, but they’re flowering plants. Since they don’t need sunlight, they only appear above ground to flower and breed for about a month, popping up within a couple of weeks after the snow melts. The color Red isn’t all that abundant in Nature, but these plants show off a brilliant red for the mere weeks that they’re visible above ground. They’re such an oddity that I find them fascinating. I find them mostly above 6000 ft in the pine and fir forests of Angeles National Forest, or in the Sierras. When I saw them popping up but not-yet blooming a couple of weeks ago, I decided to go back this weekend to catch them at their peak and in all their glory.

Date Added
June 8, 2020
Date Taken
June 6, 2020