Fleeting Independence

Equipment Info
Canon EOS 30D
100mm / f/6.3 / 1/200 sec. / ISO 100

Canon EOS 30D; EF100mm f2.8 Macro USM; 1/200; f/6.3; ISO100


I had seen images of perfectly cascading water droplets many times. I always found them beautiful and intriguing. Water dripping from a faucet; something so ordinary that happens millions of times per day, when frozen in time looks so beautiful and magical.
Of course I wanted to attempt to recreate this image. I set the scene by putting a small glass bowl in my silver basin kitchen sink. After hundreds of shots and dozens of setting changes, I finally got my timing, settings, and lighting right and captured the shot I had pictured in my head! I was so excited!
As I was going through the hundreds of images, I found a perfect gem in the mix which I had not planned for. This image of a perfect water droplet frozen in time at this exact moment; the brief moment of independence before the water droplet becomes a puddle of water. This perfect little water droplet reminds me to be secure and confident in my individuality and independence.

Date Added
June 9, 2020
Date Taken
November 9, 2014