Vision Quest

New Hampshire
Nearest Area
Seacoast NH

I had wanted to photograph this geological masterpiece along the NH coast for years, but sides, weather, and lighting never worked out the way I had wanted. The problem with having a vision in your mind and having conditions not line up with reality. Local adventures this spring and summer were more the result of the pandemic, but it did allow me to make many visits to this small section of coastline under the conditions and lighting I had envisioned years ago. I was able to find other compositions and angles that I didn't initially see by visiting so many times. This was my original vision, but many other incarnations followed. What you see is 500+ million years of geology in the form of highly deformed metasedimentary gneiss, composed of feldspar, quartz, garnet, and basalt. The wavy striations are more like something you would expect in the southwest, so I was fortunate to able to photograph something so interesting only 30 minutes from home. Due to pandemic restrictions, I needed to ride my bike before dawn, during thunderstorms, and the evening to access this area of coast, but worth it.

Date Added
August 26, 2020