Equipment Info
28mm / f/4.5 / 1/60 sec. / ISO 2500



Zion National Park is one of the great, epic Parks of America. Often understated, Zion is an encapsulated hidden island among the ocean of Utah desert. On a top list of park areas is the Narrows region toward the back of the river that flows along the entire park. This amazing huge slot canyon feature is a wonderland of beauty and adventure. Go. Waterfalls, steep cliff faces, hanging plants and leafy trees defy the surrounding imposing harsh desert. I’ve been here in a July (when I took these images), October and May. The May water temperature was so cold I just could not bravely face the temperature of the usual miles of wading ahead.

When I found this bend in the Narrows, I set up and waited for the waning light to echo off the canyon walls. Wow and did it! It looked like the Sun was hiding inside and around the corner of the canyon! I was delighted to compose and shoot, absolutely enjoying the experience all along the way... and then the treat I always look for in my images - that special detail - a climber dropped right into the scene right as I was shooting! Perfect! Cake and Icing! At first I thought I would have to wait until the climber was gone so that I could continue with my project - then it occurred to me how cool this would be in the final image. Add the cooperating light and a recipe for a successful photograph was complete.

Date Added
August 26, 2020
Date Taken
July 22, 2014