Half Dome and Echo Peaks, Yosemite

Equipment Info
80mm / f/11 / 1/200 sec. / ISO 100
Yosemite Village

For many years I avoided Glacier Point, especially for sunsets, because large crowds of people usually gather at this popular vista point. 2020 has been different – due to limitation in number of visitors, a visit to Yosemite has been much more pleasant experience, especially during the summer.
I had been keeping my eye on the stormy clouds from my house – they've been building up each afternoon – quite unusual for summer. As I live not too far from Yosemite, I got into my car and drove to Glacier Point area to photograph late afternoon light and sunset, hoping the clouds would still be there. It was far from a solitary experience - there were many people around, however, only a fraction of the numbers from prior years.
There were openings in the clouds, allowing beams of light to go through. The light was illuminating Echo Peaks in the background and Half Dome, but it also illuminated Clouds Rest, behind Half Dome. I knew if I was patient, eventually the Clouds Rest area may fall in the shadow, allowing only Half Dome to stand out.
I am glad I was there to witness this view. And it only got better as the sun was setting below horizon...

Date Added
September 24, 2020
Date Taken
July 20, 2020