Swift River Dreams

Nearest Area
Rangeley Lakes

Coos Canyon in the mountains of Maine contains many steep drops, falls, and potholes created by the Swift River over geologic time. The obvious shot is the falls tumbling over the large pools in the river. There is a pullout and a bridge where lines of visitors take their shots. To get something more intimate and include the surrounding fall foliage I skipped those falls entirely and found this section of the river where the water slows and pools, giving some nice reflections of the surrounding foliage if winds are calm. I had walked the river bed the day before, taking advantage of low water levels to access areas that might be dangerous during higher flow. I found this composition and several others much more interesting to me than the standard falls that attract most visitors to the canyon. While a polarizing filter seems to be standard fare when water and foliage is involved, chose to take 2 exposures of the scene for dynamic range. The faster exposure held detail in the sky and trees and kept leaves and branches sharp. The slower, longer exposure allowed the water to blend together and allowed the reflection and colors in the river to be more apparent.

Date Added
December 11, 2020