Chosen One

New Hampshire
Nearest Area
Seacoast NH

The many recreational trails near my home provide opportunities for mountain biking, running, and skiing depending on the season. Most do not consider them as photo locations, and I rarely bring my camera along as there is not an obvious subject or composition along this network of rail trail. The most recent storm left a good deal of snow and scouring wind, leaving the trees bare. Normally not great winter shooting conditions. As I skied along the trail, I noticed that the recently frozen slurry of snow and water on a marsh had left a single oak leaf visible on a patch of ice. In the opposite direction were some interesting ice formations that occur each year before solid ice forms. I thought the potential was there for some unique images so I skied back to my car, loaded up my camera gear and tripod on my back and returned to capture the leaf image just as the sun had come out. I needed a long lens (320mm) to isolate the subject from the shore as the ice was not thick enough to support me for overhead view. I focus stacked to keep it all sharp.

Date Added
December 21, 2020