Gotcha Bobcat!

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 7D Mark II
9965784/1000000 sec. / ISO 1600
Nearest Area
Jefferson County
Brief Directions

half hour west of Denver 5 miles South of I-70


I had been trying to catch a good photograph of this Bobcat which we had periodically spotted near our house in the mountains west of Denver for over a year, but he/she proved very elusive. My wife spotted the Bobcat for the first time in several months this past Thanksgiving, but did not get a photo. In an attempt to have the best chance should we see it again, I setup a camera with a 70-300mm lens that I could grab quickly in the event of a sighting. About a week before Christmas I saw him/her walking through our property and quickly grabbed the camera and attempted to follow without scaring it off. I got off several series of shots, as I followed the cat at a distance from our house over to our neighbors. This image being the best, as the cat stopped and turned to look right at me. I'd like to know what it was thinking at this moment, maybe something to the effect - "Why are you following me?" It was quite a thrilling moment to finally capture a good image of this beautiful creature!


Bobcat on the prowl. Evergreen, Colorado

Date Added
January 30, 2021
Date Taken
January 30, 2021