Green Mountain Dawn

Equipment Info
Hasselblad L1D-20c
2321928/1000000 sec. / ISO 100

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I spent this past December in Boulder, CO and often photographed the nearby mountains just after sunrise. This particular morning, as I pulled out to drive the short distance to the foothills before sunrise, I noticed an eerie auburn cast everywhere: on the streets, buildings and the mountains above the town. The culprit: the fiery red broken clouds to the east. I hurried up the hill towards a parking lot just outside of Chautauqua Park, where I would launch my drone just outside the park’s boundary, an area I had scoped out the night before on Google Street View. The only problem was the garbage truck in front of me traveling at 10 mph. I knew the light wouldn’t last long, and I was getting extremely anxious. Finally the truck turned off the main street and I continued on to the parking lot. Jumping out of the car, I quickly set up my drone on the street and immediately launched. Within seconds, the drone revealed a unique perspective with the added bonus of a layer of striking pink, red and purple clouds just above the peaks. Within a few minutes the auburn light disappeared, and I waited for the sunrise to appear on the mountains. Although that in itself was lovely, the photos from before sunrise looked even more impressive. And given the fact that most days the sky is clear, I knew I had witnessed a rare scene.

Date Added
February 1, 2021
Date Taken
February 1, 2021