Those Special Moments

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 80D
6321928/1000000 sec. / ISO 320
Nearest Area
inyo county
Bishop, CA

The special moments like this photo is what gives me the motivation to get up, drive for hours, trek up the trail, and then stand in the extreme heat or freezing weather for hours. Those moments that are just nature, me and nobody else. It feels like nature is putting on a special show only for me... that is if I decide not to share the moment I captured. Sometimes I feel like Gollum and that my photos are My Precious and I don't want to share my photo experience.

Some photos I share with the internet, some photos I share with my family (which end up on the internet anyway), and other photos I keep all to myself. The photos I keep to myself may not be colourful sunsets/sunrises, may not have good composition, or even in focus (that darn Kestrel), but those photos are my special moments. Those special moments are what motives me to go out photographing. Besides, you never know what you are going to capture and it beats whatever you were going to photograph from your couch.

Also, I have a small album of photos that I have printed out and have decided not to share them. When I look at them, I remember what it was like getting to that location What was my mood at the time. How I felt when I took the photo and how happy I am to see that photo and relive that moment again.

Date Added
February 11, 2021
Date Taken
February 11, 2021