Mossy Boulders

Equipment Info
Canon EOS R5
19mm / f/11 / 3.2 sec. / ISO 100
New York
Nearest Area
Schroon Wilderness
Scroon Lake
Brief Directions

Spectacle pond outlet in the schrod wilderness


When hiking in the wilderness make sure you have water, good lighting and extra batteries. Pin your position of your starting point with GPS.


The Adirondacks in upstate NY became one of the few destinations this year in the pandemic my wife and I could safely drive to. About 10 hours from our home in Ohio we rented a remote cabin in Schroon and spent 5 days in the fall with the leaf change as our goal. After a hike in the pitch black to capture sunrise in the wilderness alone we stumbled across this scene on our hike back to the car. These boulders covered in moss and leaves were illuminated by the sun rising through the forest. After a few different compositions I tried I really stuck with this one. I tried to balance the boulders with a sunburst in the trees. This was taken with my Canon R5, 15-35 2.8 at 19mm, ISO 100, 3.2 seconds at f11, RRS tripod and NG Lee filter.

Date Added
February 13, 2021
Date Taken
October 6, 2020